Staying in USA...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

without a car is the same as nothing.

Nothing can demonstrate more that you'we in USA than a car. The car is the symbol of the United States and americans are pround of it. This is so true that if a government wanna have a peaceful country, the gas price should be stable, and it is! A gallon is not expensive and american cars are great.

If you are planning a trip to USA or already live in US and don't have a car, you should start looking for car hire USA. As I told you before, gas price is not expensive, neither a car hire. So it's better to choose the right company. A few dollars will be a poor economy. Choose a car rental company that is in the market for a good time and that users trust. I'll not recommend comapanies here, I'll just alert you to choose the right one and... enjoy!

Looking for Tickets?

New Year, New Matches, New Winners, New Loosers!

Sport is incredible.

Today, living in Chicago you can watch Bulls playing in Miami, São Paulo, Paris or even in Tokio just clicking on your remote control. But tell me the truth... Is there anything in the world as watching a match in a stadium?

Matches in stadiums are awsome, but lines aren't! That's why I'll tell you about

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The best of all is that they send the ticket to your home by FedEx.

You can't only buy tickets there. You can also see a complete schedule of the stadium you are looking for.

For example, do you know that in May 27, the Cirque du Soleil will be at Sunrise(FL)? So why don't you run and buy Bank Atlantic Center Tickets to watch Cirque du Soleil show?

Baseball Merchandise?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the highest level of play in American professional baseball. The MLB is composed by 30 teams (29 from USA and 1 from Canada).

Like Basketball, Baseball is a very popular sport in United States. If you live in US, you probably have at least a Tigers (or a White Sox) hat.

It's time to love baseball a bit more. If you are really a Baseball lover, you should have some MLB Merchandise, MLB Apparel and some MLB Gifts.

Let's suppose you are Detroit Tigers like me. You need to drink some beer while watching the game. Why not to buy a Tigers can holder for only US$2.99? There are a lot of Detroit Tigers Merchandise available at accepts all major credit cards and for US$75+ orders, the shipping is free!

Take a look and buy some MLB Gifts :)

Wanna a Trophie?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

When you think in sports you think in a loser and a winner. And a winner should get a Trophie.

Are you organizating championships or anything related? Than you should buy the Trophies at

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