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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tired of price comparators with just a few stores? Most of online shopping sites only offers 1,000 stores for all. Let me tell you now about the Google of the price comparators! THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of stores are listed at ShopWiki. The website works like Google's crawler and do not stop indexing shopping stores and products. This mean that you can find whatever you want there!
No matter if ShopWiki was paid (or not), almost every online store is listed there! There are millions of products in their database and this number can't stop growing!

There's a ShopWiki for you that lives in United States, United Kingdom or in France.

Do you like sports, right? Duh! Such a dumb question. Of course you like, you are reading this blog! What about running, do you like? If so, why not read who to choose the right Running Shoe and compare its prices?

ShopWiki is not only a price comparator, click to read a great article about Running and discovery what's important to know before buying!

Find anything available at online stores, compare prices and buy your running shoe to start running.