Is Gambling a Sport?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This will be a never-end discussion.
Some people says no, others that is a sport..
What do you think?

For me gambling is a sport. We can't think that sports are only those of olympic games for example.

Everything we do with fun is a sport. Programming can be a sport, going to the beach can be a sport too.. All we do with please and helps our body or psy is considered a sport in my opinion.

I already said gambling is a sport. Now I'll tell you my "favorite sport"
It's called BlackJack.
Don't know what is this game like? Basics of blackjack are available!

The two terms 'blackjack' and 'natural' when referred to in the modern game of blackjack, mean any hand of two cards which is dealt that comprises an Ace and a 10 or court card (Jack, Queen or King). This hand is referred to as a natural or blackjack and is a winning hand that cannot be bettered, only matched by the dealer with an identical hand. In such a case the game is drawn and bets are returned.

Start playing BlackJack too, be a professional.
It's great to spend some time with your family or maybe even trying to make some bucks on online casinos.

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