So cooking is not for you? What about fashion?

Monday, September 22, 2008

No! No! No! You have read the previous post but definitely cooking is not for you.
Ok, no problem! I will make another try and suggest you being a personal stylist. What about? Do you want? helps you, interested in learning more about the fashion industry, to get the education needed for specific fashion related jobs. Separated by fashion schools, fashion carrers, fashion degrees, fashion articles and with their own blog, is what you need to know more about being a personal stylist. The famous Art Institute of Pittsburgh is there!

If a salary range between $10/hour and US$40.000, it's time to get your fashion degree!

Whether you're interested in fashion design, merchandising, retail, or anything else fashion-related, you can find your school and request information today at their website. Read about the latest fashion trends, famous fashion designers, hot career options in fashion, and much, much more!
Go, start your carrer as a personal stylist and earn your US$40.000 salary right now!